Aluminum camping stand

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For camping and in the garden: SATMAN / DIGIDISH 45 mobile, foldable satellite dish stand

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Ideal for quick, mobile installation of the compact 45 cm digital satellite antennas DIGIDISH 45 and SATMAN 45.
This camping satellite tripod enables a 45 cm satellite antenna to be set up quickly and easily. Thanks to its lightweight aluminum construction and foldable legs, the tripod can be transported in a space-saving manner in the trunk or in a free corner of the mobile home. The mounted satellite antenna can be fixed at a height of up to 120 cm. An ideally suited tripod for use when camping, where quick assembly and disassembly as well as easy transport are important.
Mast 42mm
Material 0.8mm

Shipping Information

Shipping Weight 1.6 kg
Packaging Size 790 × 120 × 120 mm

Product Dimensions

920 mm - 1450mm


New product QTR 3 - 2023


Scope of Delivery - Tripod, 3x pegs, instructions for use

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