Digiflex TT6 DVB Aerial

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Active rod antenna with built-in amplifier for the reception of DVB-T and DAB+

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The compact DIGIFLEX TT6 indoor antenna receives digital television via DVB-T2. TV programs that can be received in many places, even without an external antenna. In addition, the antenna is ideal for receiving FM radio in the best quality.
The passive rod antenna is easy to install and only needs to be connected to the antenna socket of your DVB-T2 receiver, digital television or DAB + receiver.

Top features

  • For reception of digital television DVB-T2 (HD)
  • For reception of digital radio DAB+
  • For reception of FM radio

Shipping Information

Shipping Weight 0.2 kg
Packaging Size 325 × 75 × 55 mm


Scope of Delivery - Rod antenna, base with antenna cable

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