Starlink Internet Dish Mount Kit – 1000mm

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Starlink Dish Mount Kit – Extra high pole model.
For use on New Zealand roofs
New Zealand made mount
1000mm Pole
2 x Tele 700 Telescopic Stays
1 x Tek Screw Pack

Designed for use with the latest Generation 2 Starlink – The Gen 2 is the Rectangle Dish with a motor drive system to move the dish.

For the latest model Generation 3 Starlink – you need a pole adaptor suitable for the 38mm pipe, or you can buy the STARLINK2-A38 which comes with the pipe adaptor.

All Made in New Zealand with NZ steel.

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Shipping Weight 3.55 kg
Packaging Size 1050 × 50 × 50 mm


Tele 700 Stay is adjustable between 700 - 1300mm. Mount Base is Pre-Galv Steel - 420mm long. Lasercut from 1 piece with holes and slots designed for New Zealand modern roofs. Supplied with tek screws and bolts.


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