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11 kW charging station with permanently connected charging cable according to IEC 62196-2 type 2

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Type 2 charging plug

The TECHNIVOLT 1100 SMART has a type 2 charging cable permanently integrated into the charging station. The vast majority of e-cars in Europe can be charged with this, since the type 2 plug is now the European standard. Fully Energy management

The TECHNIVOLT 1100 SMART can be integrated into an energy management system, e.g. a compatible photovoltaic system (PV system) can be integrated using the EEBUS protocol via LAN in order to charge an electric vehicle if there is excess PV. If the PV system generates more electricity than is consumed in the household, charge your electric car for free with excess PV.

Energy meter

Kilowatt hours can be billed using the integrated MID-certified meter and shown on the integrated display on the charging station. Ideal to bill the company cars of employees or the vehicles of tenants for a fee.
Plug & Charge ISO 15118

Plug & Charge according to ISO 15118 enables the secure authentication of your vehicle for the charging process without additional charging authorisation, e.g. by an RFID card. The charging station automatically detects the compatible electric car when it is connected via the charging cable – the charging process can start immediately and conveniently.



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Can be used as Single Pahse 16A -@ 7.5 KW, or 2 Phase.


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