TEoC Reciver Plus with PSU

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Expand your TEoC GigaKit Point to Point Kit (310500)

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Expand your TEoC GigaKit Point to Point Kit (310500)
Use TEoC Receiver Plus with TEoC GigaKit (Point to Point Kit) to expand your installation up to 7 points (when used with correct number of TEoC RX+ and TEoC + Splitter) to create a Point to Multi-Point Gigabit Network over existing coax cables.
Simple to install with Plug & Play technology
Connect places Wi-Fi cannot reach
For IP Over Coax

Choose from the following TEoC + Splitters (sold separately) depending on installation requirements:

TEoC + 1 Splitter                310503

TEoC + 2 Splitter                310504

TEoC + 6 Splitter                310505

TEoC Receiver PLUS includes:

1 x TEoC Receiver Plus, 1 x PSU, 1 x Quick Guide



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