Dual Panel Phased array UHF Aerial LTE700

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Dual Panel Phased array UHF Aerial LTE700

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TRIAX Digi Grid aerials – UHF flat panel TV antenna.

With high gain and an excellent front to back ratio this aerial ensures perfect TV reception.
The reflector grid is galvanised ensuring long service life.
The aerial has a very even gain curve and is suitable for stacking.
Channels 21…50 LTE 4G & 5G
Gain 9…13 dBi
Front to back ratio – horizontal 20 dB
All elements are screwed for resonance protection.
Suitable for Vertical or Horizontal Mounting

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Shipping Weight 2.05 kg
Packaging Size 780 × 480 × 70 mm

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545mm x 805mm


Wind load @42 m/s = 78N


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