Starlink Adaptor for Gen 3 and 44mm Pipe

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Pole Adaptor for 3rd Gen Starlink

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Starlink adaptor for Generation 3 Starlink mounts.
Allows mounting of the Gen 3 Starlink on 44mm roof mount kits – Same as our FLEXI1 and FLEXI2 kits
Manufactured in ASA for UV stability and outdoor use.

Available in a kit with the FLEXI1 – Satellite roof mount kit under code [ FLEX1-SL – Flexi 1 with Starlink 3 Adaptor ]

Also available STARLINK1 range of mounts without adaptor or STARLINK1-A38 with Adaptor. with various height sizes.


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Shipping Weight 0.3 kg
Packaging Size 190 × 160 × 90 mm


For GEN Mounting to 44mm Pipe


For normal common Satellite dish mounts of 44mm used in New Zealand.


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