Starlink Internet Dish Mount Kit – Under Eave Model

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Starlink Dish Mount Kit
For use on New Zealand roof / gutter profiles.
New Zealand made mount
1200mm Aprox/ Pole bent to pass the gutter – Under eave mounting system.
2 x Tele 700 Stay
1 x Tek Screw Pack
Designed for use with the latest Generation 2 Starlink – The Gen 2 is the Rectangle Dish with a motor drive system to move the dish.

For the latest model Generation 3 Starlink – you need a pole adaptor suitable for the 38mm pipe, or you can buy the STARLINK4-A38 which comes with the pipe adaptor.

This kit is for where serious height is required to clear roofs or trees.

All Made in New Zealand with NZ steel.
Other lengths available on request.

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Shipping Weight 4 kg
Packaging Size 1000 × 350 × 100 mm

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