TechniSat Portable Dish Kit – FullTripod

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TechniSat Portable Dish Kit – FullTripod

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SATMAN is a new portable dish from TechniSat.
The unique square 45cm dish performs like a 60cm dish
extremely high performance from small form dish.

This kit is on the TechniSat Tri Pod

The DigiDish 45 consists of high-quality aluminium and is powder-coated on both sides.
The carefully calculated parabolic shape ensures that the reception performance of the DigiDish 45
which has a diameter of only 45 cm, is better than that of many 60 cm dishes

Supplied with tri Pod, 10M cable, LNB

Polar white – and available in Yellow smiley 🙂

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Shipping Weight 5.3 kg
Packaging Size 800 × 160 × 750 mm

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45.00 x 48.00 cm


New product QTR 3 - 2023


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