TECHNISMART Alarm starter package

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Central base for communication with all devices within the TECHNISMART alert system

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Top features

Central unit/base for TECHNISMART alert system
Backup battery for up to 8h
256-bit AES encryption
Simple connection to other components
433,92 MHz wireless technology
Integrated WLAN and Bluetooth
Integrated Alarm sound with up to 100 dB volume
Up to 200 components can be integrated
Push notifications from the app
Optional SMS notifications via GSM (SIM card not included) _ 4G/GSM not yet available for NZ.

The TECHNISMART starter package includes a central unit, a remote control, a motion sensor and a window and door sensor that registers the closing status of doors and windows. In addition to the devices included in the starter package, our offer also includes other components that work with the TECHNISMART system.

The central unit can be integrated into the home network via LAN or WLAN. The device wirelessly communicates with various elements of the TECHNISMART system and controls them. In addition, an alarm siren is already integrated in the control panel, with a volume of 100 decibels, which warns the inhabitants of the house and can also acoustically scare away uninvited guests.
The set includes a remote control that allows you to turn on, turn off or enter home mode. The remote also has an SOS button so you can activate the internal alarm in case of an emergency.

The kit also includes a sensor that can be easily mounted on a door or window. If the door or window opens while the alarm system is activated, an alarm scenario is triggered. An alarm signal is activated and a notification is sent to your smartphone. If you want to protect your house or apartment even more comprehensively, you can easily equip other windows and doors with additional sensors.

The TECHNISMART starter pack also includes a motion sensor.

This sensor has a viewing angle of 100 degrees and a range of up to nine meters. It triggers an alarm as soon as it registers movement.


Shipping Information

Shipping Weight 0.9 kg
Packaging Size 200 × 150 × 90 mm


Lithium 3,7 V, 2.600 mAh


Scope of Delivery: 1 Base Unit, 1 PIR Sensor , 1 Window/Door Contact , 1 Remote Control

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