TECHNISMART Vibration Sensor

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Vibration sensor for TECHNISMART 1

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Vibration sensor to detect shocks or movement
Tamper circuit
433.92 Mhz
Battery wireless system
Compact and discreet

The TECHNISMART vibration sensor detects vibrations of windows and doors. It sends information about the event to the central unit. An attempt to break in or tamper with the sensor is reported to the central unit. The alarm siren is triggered and You receive a notification on Your smartphone. The vibration sensor works wirelessly with batteries.

To use the vibration sensor You need the main unit from the TECHNISMART Starter Pack (item no. 0100/9560) and the free TECHNISMART app (iOS/Android).
The sensor can be easily integrated with the TECHNISMART alarm system by scanning the QR code in the TECHNISMART application.

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