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The name says it all: With the TECHNIVISION HD32AW MOBIL, everything revolves around maximum mobility and flexibility when watching television.
Because this HD Smart TV with a 32-inch/80 cm screen diagonal has a built-in battery that enables up to four hours of TV or streaming enjoyment without being connected to a power source. So the football game on TV can easily be moved to the terrace or in the gazebo.
And in connection with a DVB-T2 antenna, television becomes completely cable-free. The device, which weighs just over six kilograms, can be quickly stowed away in the bag supplied and can be set up again even more quickly on site. The stand is placed on the back of the device to save space.
The TECHNIVISION HD32AW MOBIL is also the perfect camping TV that can be used anywhere around the caravan.
The HD Smart TV receives programs via satellite, cable or DVB-T2 HD. Unencrypted broadcasts can be recorded on a USB data medium.
The streaming of content from media libraries and from various video-on-demand providers, such as e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or YouTube is possible.
You can also pair Bluetooth output devices such as Bluetooth headphones or Bluetooth speakers with the TECHNIVISION HD32AW MOBIL.

Top features:

Portable TV with a rechargeable lithium battery for mobile use
Support HDR standards: HDR10, HLG
Triple tuner for receiving DVB-S/S2, DVB-C and DVB-T2 HD
Smart TV Portal: Access to media libraries, online video libraries, apps and HbbTV
Integrated WiFi
WLAN and Bluetooth (audio streaming) integrated
USB recording: Recording of TV programs on external USB data carriers
Timeshift in connection with an external storage medium

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