UFO 170 Digital LTE 700 Aerial

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UFO 170 Digital LTE 700 Aerial

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Triax UFO digital aerial (UHF/FM). LTE Protection for 4G/5G
A small and discreet antenna.
The antenna is surface-treated to withstand impacts from saltwater and weather conditions.
The ideal flexible solution for home, caravan, boat, mobile home, bus and truck. TETRA safe.
Gain – UHF 27.0 dB
Gain – VHF/FM 28.0 dB
Noise figure 3.0 dB

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Shipping Weight 1.05 kg
Packaging Size 290 × 280 × 100 mm

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255mm x 65mm x 325mm


Requires PSU for 5-24VDC


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